Bradford Surprised Us All: My Reaction to the Game

So Bradford beat Chelsea 4-2. Unfortunately I woke up at 10 a.m. for nothing seeing that there were no streams for this game online, but I thought it’s no big deal since we would most likely win. Now I don’t like to assume things usually but I had a good feeling Chelsea would be victorious. I got the two goal updates on my phone and I decided the game was over and I played FIFA for a while. After a couple hours I check the scoreline and to my astonishment, we lost. To Bradford. 7th positioned in the Football League 1. And they scored FOUR goals. 😦

But hey, that’s the beauty of the cup I guess. This is the time for the underdogs too scalp the heads of the giants. And a few other upsets happened as well (Middlesbrough beating Manchester City, courtesy of one Patrick Bamford). So like every Chelsea game, win, lose, or draw, I watch the highlights. FIrst off, I was happy seeing some younger players start. Zouma at center back, Christensen at right back, and Mohamed Salah finally gets some game time (hooray!).

The highlights started off well with Cech’s great save followed by the early front runner for the 2015 FIFA Puskas Award. Gary Cahill scored with an absolutely amazing flick from Oscar’s corner kick that went flying into the net. That would be a great goal for any forward or attacking midfielder, but as a CENTER BACK? Oh my Cahill. You’ve outdone yourself and you scored some decent goals in the past (2012 against Tottenham comes to mind), but this takes the cake. Anyway, Ramires’ goal soon followed after exchanging passes with Salah and things looked like they would continue that way. After a great shot to reduce the lead to one, Bradford were picking it up in the second half. A simple tap in from ex-Chelsea product Morais, a curving shot from distance from Halliday, and a decent move finished off by Yeates dismantled the Blues and now we are out of the FA Cup.

This may be a blessing in disguise so that reducing fixture congestion won’t impede us for contesting for the Premier League, League Cup and UEFA Champions League for whenever that wants to start up again (seriously it’s been forever). But as a whole I’m quite happy from the reports I read on some of the players. Salah and Christensen seemed to play well, Mikel appears to have done quite the opposite, and apparently Azpilicueta has no left foot (who knew).

So as much as I would have loved to win every competition, I’ll have to get over this FA Cup loss and move on. Congratulations to Bradford and yet another cup surprise. Hope they go far in the competition. And if this surprising cup victories keep happening for them, I’d really hope to see them transition that into getting promoted to the Premier League one day. Cheers to Bradford.



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