“Magic” Cesc Shines vs Bournemouth: Reaction to the Game

Chelsea 4-1 Bournemouth. Today’s match wasn’t the most challenging nor the most important, but it was still very pleasing to watch how well the team performed. Pedro’s first goal was taken sublimely and it really got me thinking that he can play an important role next season. Willian’s chip was delectable and it was really comforting seeing Hazard among the goals once again. However, the mastermind behind all of these goals was one Cesc Fabregas.

There have been several times during the post-Mourinho era where Fabregas has been pure class. At home against West Ham immediately comes to mind. There are moments where Fabregas takes command of the game and leads the team. When he’s on, no midfielder in the Premier League can rival him, not even Ozil. With Conte coming in next season, I think he should mold the midfield around Fabregas and allow him to play in the so-called “Pirlo Role” he put so eloquently.

Fabregas is not the best in an advanced position going forward, nor is he fabulous defensively. I typically enjoy his defensive contribution. At times, today and in general, he can be a bit lazy but he also sticks in good tackles. I remember him shutting down Marc Pugh today specifically. Great defensive work. Now I know a decent performance against Bournemouth should be expected, but it is also appreciative to give credit where it is do and Cesc Fabregas was nothing short of amazing today.

Going forward, if Terry is no longer with the club and seniority isn’t taken into account, I’d love to see Fabregas as our captain. At many times, his leadership is the driving force behind us picking up points. He’s been speaking to the press lately, he got his first taste of punditry this week, and he keeps it brutally honest and knows what needs to be done with this team.

Let’s hope he continues to don the “Magic Hat”.



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