Eden Proves to be a Hazard: Reaction to the Game

I love beating* Tottenham. I love ending Tottenham’s title hopes. I love that Tottenham haven’t won in Stamford Bridge during my lifetime. And even though this season has been a total trainwreck  since the very start, this particular match has salvaged something to celebrate about, and that is making sure another London club don’t win the league.

*Even though we drew Spuds, this feels like a win to me because, naturally,  we all hate Tottenham.*

And what catalyzed our dominant second-half display? Was it the return of our beloved captain? Was it the greatest midfield duo of all-time which is Matic and Mikel? No sir, it was the halftime substitution of Eden Hazard. At first, I was quite surprised that we took Pedro off because I thought he was playing rather well but Hiddink thought otherwise. Trust in Guus, I guess.

Hazard injected much need life in our attack. He is starting to look like the Hazard of old (better late than never) which I’m sure warms the heart of many Chelsea fan. His skill is eye-catching and his link-up play in the attacking third makes Chelsea look like a constant threat. With three goals in his last three halves of football, it would seem that Hazard has left his struggles behind him once and for all. Form is temporary. Class is permanent.

On his day, Hazard is priceless. There are so many times where his ability has me in awe and I become overjoyed about what a world-class player we have on our hands. That being said, it would be a real shame if we were to let him go. With the rumors of Europe’s biggest spenders following his situation at Chelsea, the club must stand firm in holding onto him. Hazard could be our talisman for many seasons to come if we retain his services and ward off bids from clubs like Real Madrid and PSG. Building a formidable team starts by making sure he stays.

Many fans have called for Hazard to be sold in order to start anew. Considering his terrible season, it would make sense to some to cash in while he’s still a hot commodity but if we are to get back to the top where we belong, it all starts with Hazard. The differences in how Chelsea played in each half can be summed up in his introduction to the game. His second half display is indicative of what he had done all of last season and what he can do for us in the foreseeable future.

Tottenham are having the best season they’ve had in quite some time and Hazard made that team look silly. Hopefully next year he stays injury free while donning the new kit that was revealed today. We all know how world-class he is and it would be a huge mistake if we were to let him go. Because if we let him go, how will we be able to continue laughing at Tottenham?

For your pleasure, I’ve taken the liberty of adding a video of Hazard’s game-changing performance, courtesy of Shpendi10CFC’s Youtube channel. Enjoy.

Eden Hazard vs Tottenham (Home)



4 thoughts on “Eden Proves to be a Hazard: Reaction to the Game

  1. Paul says:

    sorry but a 2-2 draw against Spurs does not paper over the cracks of this disaster season, if anything the atmosphere at the Bridge made me cringe a bit on Monday. I agree was good to see us not lose our home record against Spurs but the celebration of it all at the end when we’ve just surrendered our title with the most pathetic title defence ever in premier league history left me feeling a bit nauseous. Where was this effort and challenge before this game??? Conte job next year is absolutely massive and he needs all the support he can muster from our clueless board and majority of players who not only let us down this year but also our greatest ever manager.


    • I agree with you that overall this season has been a disappointment but there is nothing more we can do as fans. We just have to keep our heads up and gear up for next season. This piece was mainly to poke fun at our rivals to the north and how Hazard can be the player we all know and expect him to be.

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